see order formfor postage ratesThe Very LastGTThe GTs created legends in Australia and in their time were the fastest production cars in the world. This is the final model of the series presented in gold as a salute to the glorious history they created.Des has passed on but the memory of his exploits is revived by this yellow FX as raced in the 1963 Bathurst event. Des was not alone in his admiration of the FX and it’s ability to go the distance.This upgrade of the model first offered in 1952 was built on an imported convertible chassis with special cross member strengthening, and powered by a new 5.2 ltr OHV V8 engine. It was a quick machine and ideal for the well to do tradie or country farmerNSW Police set the pace in 2014 when they launched this pursuit vehicle with a 5.0 litre V8 donk that when tuned by the DJR crew punched out 600KW, nearly double the factory spec. Possibly the fastest 4 door sedan Police car in the world.In ’54 the Vagabond was a traffic stopper and a “chick magnet”. In the southern Aussie States it was more frequently seen “Top Up” to suit the climate or to keep the ladies hair in place but whatever way, it was the ultimate choice for the sporty class.This top of the Falcon line was offered with either a 4.3 ltr 6 cylinder, or 4.9 ltr V8 power plant. Some buyers selected the optional vinyl roof as a finishing touch as shown only on the red rendition of this model. This extra has been left off the blue item.This tradesman’s friend vehicle varied from its predecessor with it’s more bulbous look and windscreen edge that protruded into the door opening. This style followed the US design and gave wider driver vision. This model comes in 2 variants.This was the last of the Valiant series made by Mitsubishi after the Chrysler takeover and was offered with a choice of either the standard 4.3 litre 6 cylinder or 5.2 litre V8 power plants.This blue threat to motorists who broke the law in 2014 could catch almost anything on NSW roads and was the pride of the Police Force.This later replacement for the MK1, as vehicles were worn out or retired, was seen in a grey livery, again featuring the bold NSW Police attention grabbing deco.AVAILABLEAUG/SEPAVAILABLEAUG/SEPAVAILABLEAUG/SEPAVAILABLESEP/OCTAVAILABLEOCT/NOVAVAILABLENOV/DECAVAILABLESEP/OCTAVAILABLEOCT/NOVAVAILABLENOV/DECAVAILABLEOCT/NOVTRAX CLUB PRICE $110.00TRAX CLUB PRICE $89.95TRAX CLUB PRICE $89.95TRAX CLUB PRICE $120TRAX CLUB PRICE $89.95TRAX CLUB PRICE $95.00TRAX CLUB PRICE $120.00TRAX CLUB PRICE $99.951956 FORDMAINLINE UTILITY 1:43 Scale Resin Code: TRR33Colour: Blue$104.95FORD XR6 (FG X)HIGHWAY PATROL 1:43 Scale Resin Code: TRR34Colour: Kinetic$125.00FORD XR6 (FG X)MK2 HIGHWAY PATROL 1:43 Scale Resin Code: TRR38Colour: Silhouette$125.001956 FORDMAINLINE UTILITY 1:43 Scale Resin Code: TRR33BColour: Fiesta Red$104.95FINAL FORD GTF 1:43 Scale Resin Code: TRR20BColour: Victory Gold$115.00DES WEST FX 1:43 Scale Resin Code: TRR30Colour: Yellow$94.95FORD GTFHIGHWAY PATROL 1:43 Scale Resin Code: TRR31Colour: White$125.001981 CM VALIANT 1:43 Scale Resin Code: TRR32BColour: Maize$94.951981 CM VALIANT 1:43 Scale Resin Code: TRR32Colour: Classic Yellow$94.951954 VAGABOND 1:43 Scale Resin Code: TRR37Colour: Cockatoo Cream$94.951977 FORDFAIRMONT GXL 1:43 Scale Resin Code: TRR36Colour: Red Flame$99.001977 FORDFAIRMONT GXL 1:43 Scale Resin Code: TRR36BColour: Blue$99.001960 FB PANEL VAN 1:43 Scale Resin Code: TRR35BColour: Purple with speed stripesMADE TO ORDER ONLYORDERS CLOSE 31st AUGUST$94.951960 FB PANEL VAN 1:43 Scale Resin Code: TRR35Colour: Honey CreamExtreme Blasting$94.95195619601954MainlineUTILITYAfter the break up of the Phillip Island track in 1962, the Armstrong 500 moved to Bathhurst and the rest is history. This informative and exciting 190 page volume documents the first 5 years of this legendary race. A must for the enthusiast.BATHURST 500 1963-1967A PHOTOGRAPHIC HISTORYTGB67 $49.95 + P&HNSW HIGHWAY PATROLPanel VanFBDes West FXFORD GTF HIGHWAY PATROL1981 CM VALIANT1977 Ford Fairmont - Order Online or FREECALL 1800 635 508*Models not shown actual size - Actual Model colours may vary slightly from photographs shown here.
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